Hudson Players Club was founded in 1948 to serve Hudson and the surrounding communities, and is now the longest-running community theatre group in the province of Quebec.

Upcoming Events

Join Our Indefatigable Host Steve Walters On Friday, December 18th at 7:30 PM

We invite you (our lovely members!) to join us on Zoom for a Christmas/Holiday event like no other. Oh sure, lots of community-based organizations host online readings at this time of the year, a few may even try an online quiz and perhaps a couple would be willing to attempt a virtual singalong and there may only be one other community-based group in the entire world that could imagine putting zoom and baking together. But Hudson Players Club is going FULL OUT! So, in the spirit of uniqueness and the holidays, we bring you all of the above in one jam-packed night of FUN!

The Bake-Off
The Bake-Off competition will involve the assembly of a gingerbread house that resembles an iconic Hudson building. Once completed (if they get that far!), the audience will then vote on the best creation at the end of the evening.

Members are invited to register to participate in the Bake-Off competition by contacting Mary Vuorela (Mary.vuorela@sympatico.ca).

The Readings
Readings in the spirit of the season will take place throughout the evening. If you would like to do a reading, please contact us at hudsonplayersclub1948@gmail.com or by phone: 438-923-6828.

The Quiz
Our talented and, daresay, handsome host for the evening, Steve Walters will be asking festive seasonal-based quiz questions to all attendees!

The Singalong
If you are familiar with the medium of Zoom, then you may also know that singing together rarely (if ever) actually works. But that won’t stop this runaway train of joy! So bring your singing voice and a lot of patience as we attempt to sing a holiday classic… IN THE ROUND!

Did Someone Say Prizes?
No, we didn’t! But we’re SAYING IT NOW!! For the Bake-Off – the entry with the best gingerbread facsimile will receive a $50 gift certificate from Que De Bonne Chose (QDBC). $25 Gift Certificates from Clarence & Cripps will also be given to the winner of the quiz and readers will have their name drawn from a hat.

Should You Sign-Up?
Of course you should! But don’t waste your time doom-scrolling through Facebook, DO IT NOW! The baking competition and reading slots are limited participation only!

You don’t want to sing or read? Great! Come and watch! This is an all-ages Players Club member-only event! In order to watch, you still need to register in order to get a zoom link! Please contact us at hudsonplayersclub1948@gmail.com or by phone: 438-923-6828.


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Who we are?

The Hudson Players Club is a community theatre company presenting work in the beautiful town of Hudson, Quebec. Our mandate is simple: foster an appreciation of theatre in our community, and develop the capacity to engage fully in the theatre experience. The Hudson Players Club is so proud to be the longest-running, English-language theatre company in the province of Quebec. A volunteer-based community organization, we are always seeking performers of all experience levels.

Our philosophy

One of the reasons for our success is the continuing dedication of our members and community whose invaluable  volunteering efforts and ongoing support have contributed to our organisations many accomplishments over the years.

Recent Productions


“I want to get involved in theatre!”

Our whole raison d’être is to get our community excited about the powerful and wonderful world of live theatre.

Some of our Valued Supporters


The wonderful volunteers are the key to our success,

from Board Members to Production Teams, Directors, Stage Managers, Costume and Set Designers,

and all together are the key to our success

Phil Gausden


Vice President

Past President | Publicity

Chris Gobeil


Karen DeLorme


Shelley Walters

Membership Chair

Co - Activities Chair

Andrew Richardson

Technical Chair

Social Chair

Lisa Fisher
Lisa Crowhurst Fisher

Activities Chair

Olivia Pontecorvo

Youth Liaison


We would love to hear from you, we are always looking for Corporate supporters, Actors, Directors, and anyone who would love to be a part of one of our upcoming productions.

Contact info

Box Office : 438-923-6828  

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