Phil Gausden


Vice President

Past President | Publicity

Chris Gobeil


Karen DeLorme


Shelley Walters

Membership Chair

Co - Activities Chair

Andrew Richardson

Technical Chair

Social Chair

Lisa Fisher
Lisa Crowhurst Fisher

Activities Chair

Olivia Pontecorvo

Youth Liaison

Proposed Executive and Chair positions have been put forth for upcoming AGM May 15th, 2020:

Selection Committee: Elizabeth Harwood – President, Peter Williamson | Diana Gausden – Active Members


President: Phil Gausden

Vice-President: John Sheridan

Secretary: Karen Delorme

Treasurer : Chris Gobeil.

Chairs of Committees

Activities: Co-Chair: Steve Walters, Co-Chair: Lisa Fisher

Membership: Shelley Walters

Publicity: Elizabeth Harwood

Social: JF Samson

Technical: Andrew Richardson

Youth Liaison: Olivia Pontecorvo