The Hudson Players, Shakespeare by the Lake presents THE TEMPEST.


Audition Dates and Times
1pm thru 4pm, Sunday, 18th March, Hudson Community Centre, 394 Rue Main, Hudson, QC J0P 1H0

7pm thru 9pm, Tuesday, 20th March, Hudson Village Theatre, 8 Rue Wharf, Hudson, QC J0P 1H0
7pm thru 9pm, Wednesday, 21st March, Hudson Village Theatre, 8 Rue Wharf, Hudson, QC J0P 1H0

This production, directed by Mary Vuorela, and played in the delightful setting by the lake in Jack Layton Park Hudson is going to be a treat visually and musically, as we bring to life one of The Bards most popular plays.
The shows weeks are July 11th through to the 15th and July 18th through to the 22nd 2018 and will be evening performances at 7pm. We are hoping, during these two weeks, to put on 10 performances (Wed thru Sun).
Please be advised this is a community, non-paid production.

Character Descriptions.
Our auditions are open to anyone and we believe in equal opportunities for all roles.

If you feel you want to audition for a particular role, please do so.

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Prospero/Prospera – the main character. The Duke of Milan now lives on an island and is a great sorcerer. The play’s protagonist, and father/ or mother of Miranda. 

Miranda – The daughter of Prospero, brought to the island at an early age. Because she has been sealed off from the world for so long, Miranda’s perceptions of other people tend to be naïve and non-judgmental. She is compassionate, generous, and loyal to her father.

Ariel – Male or female, must sing. Prospero’s spirit helper. Ariel is referred to as “he,” but his gender and physical form are ambiguous. He is mischievous and ubiquitous, able to traverse the length of the island in an instant and to change shapes at will.

Caliban –the son of the now-deceased witch Sycorax, described as a monster. His speech and behaviour is sometimes coarse and brutal, and sometimes eloquent and sensitive. Very physical character.

Ferdinand – Son and heir of Alonso. Ferdinand seems in some ways to be as pure and naïve as Miranda. He falls in love with her upon first sight and happily submits to servitude in order to win her father’s approval.

Alonso – King (or Queen) of Naples and father/mother of Ferdinand. Alonso aided Antonio in unseating Prospero as Duke of Milan twelve years before. As he appears in the play, however, he is acutely aware of the consequences of all his actions.

Antonio – Prospero’s brother, power-hungry and foolish. He persuades Sebastian to kill the sleeping Alonso.

Sebastian – Alonso’s brother. Like Antonio, he is both aggressive and cowardly. He is easily persuaded to kill his brother and he initiates the ridiculous story about lions when Gonzalo catches him with his sword drawn.

Gonzalo – An old, honest lord, Gonzalo helped Prospero and Miranda to escape after Antonio usurped Prospero’s title. Gonzalo’s speeches provide an important commentary on the events of the play.

Adrian – A Lord

Francisco – A Lord

Trinculo – a jester, physical comedic role

Stephano– a drunken butler, physical comedic role

Boatswain – Appearing only in the first and last scenes, the Boatswain is vigorously goodnatured.
He seems competent and almost cheerful in the shipwreck scene.

Spirits – Several spirits are required to create the magic of many scenes. Spirits should be able to move well and be comfortable in their bodies. Iris, Juno and Ceres are included as well as singing.

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