There is no limit to Tina Marais Struthers’ creative energy. Raised on the thundering shores of Cape Town, South Africa, Tina was born with a boundless imagination, which she channels into creating contemporary works of art using a large variety of mediums. A graduate from the Open Window Art Academy in Pretoria, South-Africa, Tina now lives and works in Quebec, Canada

For Tina, creating isn’t only an act, but a lifestyle. A world traveller, she has lived in very different parts of the globe and has acquired different sets of skills from her various life experiences, endowing her with a unique and very particular artistic edge. Her creativity is immeasurable, specializing in theatrical costume, textile sculpture, and mixed media art works.

Weaving different materials, emotions and experiences together, Tina forms a coherent whole that is not only a work of art, but an act of communication. Currently, she is working on several private and cultural mediation projects.


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